MAC Honda CB 650 1979-1982 Slip-On Flare Tip Chrome Mufflers

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  • Item #: 001-0811
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 001-0811
  • Condition: New
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Honda CB 650 1979-1982 Slip-On Flare Tip Replacement Mufflers to Stock / OEM Head Pipes

Note:The 001-0811 is for the CB 650 Standard Model only. Will not fit the CB 650 Custom´╗┐

Exhaust System Features are:

  • Center Stand Retention
  • Ground Clearance
  • Light Weight
  • High Luster Chrome Finish

Here at MAC we are Dedicated to building Products that meet Strict Quality Standards. We follow exacting guidelines during manufacturing in order to insure that you receive a quality, reliable product every time.

Installation of a MAC Exhaust System May Change your Motorcycles Fuel-to-Air Mixture requirements. Please contact us directly with questions regarding any modifications that may need to be made during, or after installing the Exhaust System.

Exhaust Discoloration (Blueing) is caused by engine conditions such as Cam Timing, Fuel-to-Air Mixture, Operating Temperature, etc. It is not a result of defective manufacturing, therefore it is not covered by any warranty.

MAC Part # 001-0811 fits the following:

  • 1979 Honda CB 650
  • 1980 Honda CB 650
  • 1981 Honda CB 650
  • 1982 Honda CB 650

The MAC 001-0811 is a Replacement Exhaust and is okay for Use and Sale in CA.

No C.A.R.B. EO # Required for this Exhaust System´╗┐

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