MAC Harley Early Shovelhead 1¾" Chrome High Pipes
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MAC Harley Early Shovelhead 1¾" Chrome High Pipes

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  • Item #: 053-0314
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 053-0314
  • Condition: New
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Harley Early Shovelhead, 1¾" Chrome High Pipes

Its time for something different, High Pipes, 1¾" diameter, Straight Cut Ends and hidded channel brackets for an easy clean installation.

MAC Early Shovelhead Motor High Pipes are offered in both Chrome (Part # 053-0314)and a Black Ceramac Finish (Part # 953-0314).

The MAC 053-0314 is a Drag Pipe Exhaust System, there are no Baffles included with exhaust system. Glas-Paks (baffles) can be placed into the exhaust system. The MAC Glas-Pak Part# is 009-0517. This Glas-Pak will quite the system by 8-10db. You will need to modify the exhaust system in order to keep the Glas-Paks in place. Please contact MAC on this if you have any questions on this.  


The MAC 053-0314 is a Replacement Exhaust and is okay for Use and Sale in CA with the MAC Glas-Paks installed.

No C.A.R.B. EO # Required for this Exhaust System

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