MAC Flow Path Muffler, 2¼" Center Inlet/Center Outlet
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MAC Flow Path Muffler, 2¼" Center Inlet/Center Outlet

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Aluminized Steel Flow Path Muffler 2¼" Center Inlet/Center Outlet

   MAC's Flow Path™ Muffler is a Multi Passage Design with no Packing to Burn Out. Sound Control will be the same Mile after Mile and Year after Year. MAC Flow Path Mufflers Flow more Exhaust Gases than most other makes, while maintaining reasonable sound control. Flow Path Mufflers Patented Design (Patent # 5,739,484) follows the Helmholtz Theory of Tone.

Performance Sound on Hard Acceleration but has a Mellow Tone while Cruising. Compact Size High Performance Universal MAC Flow Path Mufflers. Single Muffler Applications up to 225HP

Just 9" Wide x 3¾" Thick x 13" Long

Flow Path Mufflers, Another MAC Original!

   Back Pressure Robs your Vehicle of Power and Economy. Reduced Back Pressure will cause immediate Gains in both Power and Economy. If you modify your engine, for every 8-10% in Power Increase you will gain 30% more Back Pressure which virtually Chokes the Motor. So any Modification done to the Motor makes a Free Flowing Exhaust System Mandatory.

   There are three (3) Basic Reduction of noise control: Restriction, Absorption and Reflection. Restriction is best for reduction of noise, but is the worst for Power and Economy (as High as 16lbs of Back Pressure). Absorption is effective when you pack materials such as Fiberglass inside the Muffler, but this is usually quite loud. Reflection which is the most effective for Power Increase is done with baffles and reflector plates with nothing to burn out. MAC Flow Path™ Mufflers use Reflection for maximum flow while still maintaining noise control.  

Independent Dyno Test on Blower Motor 347c.i.d. Small Block Ford - Flow Path™ 2½" Street Muffler Part # FP734

The only true Street Muffler tested, yet Flow Path was up to the challenge without horrifying noise! The MAC Flow Path Muffler was tested against 3" Straight thru and other Race Mufflers. The Flow Path Muffler FLOWED at 548.8HP & 575.6lbs. of Torque. No muffler out Performance the Flow Path™ throughout the test range!

Independent Flow-Tests, Super Flow Test Equipment. Tested by Fred Simpson at Flow Technolgy. Tested at 25" of H2O -71% Humidity - 84° Temp. Range 5

Flow Path™ Dyno Max* FlowMaster*
FP734 17734 42553
361.06c.f.m. 315.81c.f.m. 257.73c.f.m.


Quotes from the Industry:

Fred Simpson - Flow Technology
"Flow Path™ is the best darn muffler we've ever test!" "And we've tested them all!" 
Art Smith - Supreme Muffler
"Good fit and small physical size made install on a 1990 5.0L Mustang with Ford's big driveshaft a breeze!"
Howard Olson - Olson Sound Lab
"I was very inpressed with the sound sontrol of the Hi-Performance Flow Path™
Mike James - Mike's Performance
"Flow Path™ mufflers is just another winner from MAC."


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